To: Teachers & techs on both sides, cc
Subject: Goods & Services VC Project Confirmation: [date]

Greetings and welcome to our Goods & Services Videoconference Project. The goal of this project is to increase student understanding of goods and services in different communities.

Dates & Times
[date & time in both time zones]

Technical Information:
[who] will dial.
[IP address]
If there are problems, please call [phone].

The lead teacher for this project is [local teacher name, email, phone, school name, city, state, country].

The other participating school is:
[local teacher name, email, phone, school name, city, state, country].

Preparation materials and resources are online:

For the actual connection, I recommend this format as a rough guideline:
5 min. Introductions (be sure to prepare a map for each other)
5-10 min. One class presents
5-10 min. The other class presents.
5-10 min. Ask each other questions.

Action Items
Here’s what needs to happen next.

  • Teachers: Please email each other to discuss further.
  • Techs: We're trying to do test calls for this event on January 22. Please email with the best time to test.

Let me know if you have any questions along the way. We really appreciate you participating in this project with us!