Kindergarten Ideas

Goods and Services Guessing
A class can present a skit, poster, song, etc. that involves various goods and services. The other classes will identify which elements of the presentation are goods and which are services.

Show You Know!
A class can present various props that represent goods and services. As the first class presents each prop the other class will clap if the prop represents a good or stomp if it represents a service.

Costume Connection
A class can wear costumes that represent various services. The other class will guess which service they represent and identify goods that are connected with each service. (For example, an auto mechanic fixes cars-service, he uses goods to fix them-tools, doctor visits patients-service, but prescribes medication-goods)

One class will call on other classes for goods and services to complete the mad-lib. and then read the completed mad-lib for a fun story.

Story Time
Before the conference one class will read a story such as My Town, by William Wegman or Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Numeroff, and identify goods and services in the story. The students will then write a short story such as the ones they've read to present during the conference. During the conference, the students will read their story to the other class. Students in the other class will then identify the goods and services in the story.

1st Grade

Adapt these ideas to a focus on the consumer or the producer of the good or service.

2nd Grade

Charades or Costumes: Act out a business providing a good or service to the local community. The partner class identifies the business.

Community Production: Present one or more goods or services created in your community. Describe the natural, human, and capital resources needed to create it and where the resources come from.

Community Specialization: Create posters, skits or visuals to show trading and specialization from your community. (Use examples to show that people cannot produce everything they want (specialization) and depend on trade with others to meet their wants.)